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Our Equipment

ORS has the best tools for the job. Our staff are regularly trained in the latest restoration technology. Including:

PREDATOR® Rotational Molded Portable Air Scrubber

A new addition to Okanagan Restoration Services arsenal, The PRED600 Mini-Predator is the world’s lightest and smallest portable air scrubber. It is virtually indestructible, and delivers an incredible peak airflow rating. When in the hands of a professional restorer, this piece of equipment can do amazing work.

Abatement PAS1800

This portable air scrubber is one of our most frequently used pieces of equipment. The Abatement PAS1800 can literally provide millions of hours of service on both commercial and residential jobs, and is portable and lightweight, providing supreme cleaning power

Air Injectors

Directs warm, dried air into wall cavities and enclosed areas like ceilings, walk out attics and joist spaces. Effectively eliminates hidden pockets of moisture in hard-to-reach areas.

Air Movers

Specially designed air moving equipment is used to circulate air in order to evaporate water from wet surfaces. These multi-speed fans create rapid air movement which is key to the drying process.

Deodorizing Equipment

Ozone generators, Ultra Violet Decontaminators, Vapour Sharks, Thermo Foggers, and Fresh-scent wafers.

Dessicant Dehumidifiers

A specialized type of dehumidifier, using silica gel to help remove moisture, this unit also blows dry air back into areas to be dried. We primarily use the dessicant to aid in removing tricky pockets of moisture which are hidden or absorbed by structural materials (ie. beneath hardwood flooring). Under proper conditions this piece of equipment can speed the drying process immensely.

FLIR Digital Thermography Technology

This piece of technology separates Okanagan Restoration Services from the pack. The FLIR infared camera allows us to properly pinpoint sources of heat and areas of moisture, thus eliminating other destructive and more time-consuming methods. This camera is used almost every day on the job.

Flood Vans

State of the art equipment adorns our emergency flood vehicle. The flood technicians vehicle is designed for a quick response, day or night with all necessary equipment. No time wasted here! Time wasted in water extraction can lead to excessive cost of repair. We get the water out fast with a PTO driven extractor/carpet cleaning plant mounted in the cargo area of a 3/4 van. This machine can remove hundreds of gallons of water in minutes or clean the most delicate upholstery in experienced hands.

LGR Dehumidifiers

In the hands of a skilled technician, these units can remove up to 150 pints of water in 24 hours from a saturated area. The dehumidifier captures the evaporated moisture in the air and condenses it on cooling coils to be pumped away. When supported by air movers, the dehumidifier greatly reduces the drying time, the risk of damage to hygroscopic contents and structural materials, and the chances of microbial growth.

Moisture Detection Meters

We employ the use of several types of moisture meters and detectors to properly determine the location and concentration of moisture in the air and within structural building components. The smaller unit tests for moisture through walls (including vapor barrier) floor and ceiling surfaces. Not only does it test for moisture, but without leaving a mark on any surface.

ODOROX Boss Odor Processor

The Boss, a new restoration technology, can deodorize and decontaminate up to 2,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with a variable speed control and hour metre. This multi-use technologically advanced piece of equipment will eliminate odours caused by fire, flood, chemical spills, grey water, protein fires, mold and mildew.

Dry Ice Blasters

Another piece of equipment unique to Okanagan Restoration Services, the Wickens Dry Ice Machine uses pellets made through a process of taking Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and expanding it to produce a snow like substance, that is compressed through a die to make hard Dry Ice Pellets.

These Dry Ice Pellets are then propelled at a supersonic speed by a compressed air gun. Upon impact, the dry ice creates a micro-thermal shock (caused by the extreme cold temperature of -79º C), which breaks the bond between the coating and the substrate. The high pressure air stream removes the dirt from the surface, while the dry ice pellets vaporize (sublimate) before your eyes.

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